Frontier Ports - The Edge of Paradise

Concept paint for an IP i'm developing on the side. Frontier settlements that have grown around Super-Rigs built on artificial reefs. Short vignette below.

No one is safe these days and fear hangs in the air like a dense fog. Years have passed since the arrival of the first migrant ships not long after the unifications. Almost all the original ships remain, becoming home to thousands. Deals are done openly amongst the rancid smoke – so-called ‘Safe Passage’ documents for the migrants desperate to escape from this purgatory. Hope is hinged on approval from the Zaibatsu’s administrators but it’s a false faith; permission almost never comes. By the time realization eventually sets in, migrants’ have already resigned themselves to life amongst the floating havens of degradation and depravity. Welcome to Paradise.

Benjamin last frontier superrig final blast uplox

Frontier Ports